For Eagle Owners

Active Lightning has a number of clients who use Activant's Eagle System to run their business, including point-of-sale. Below is a list of the online store's that we have created and integrated with Eagle using the ODBC and ESTU software supplied by Activant.

Leader Evaporator

Cox Hardware and Lumber

Allemon's Landscape Center

We have a product called ActiveTransfer that provides a system integration between Eagle and AspDotNetStorefront. We also have a product called Accounts Online that provides an online portal (similar to OrderPro) where Eagle account customers can see their account information, reorder items, order more than one product at a time and see status of back-ordered items.

In addition to Online Stores that we branded, designed, and produced for Eagle Owners; we also provided just the ActiveTransfer capability for:

A-1 Appliance Parts (Huntsville, AL)

Valley Ace Hardware (Westcliffe, CO)

CWH Apartment Supply (Los Angeles, CA)

Bering's (Houston, TX)

Creating an Online Store

Creating an online store is like setting up another physical store in many ways, but with these advantages:

  • you can sell to customers from all over the USA and the rest of the world if you want to
  • the costs of opening an online store are close to that of a fork-lift, much less than what is needed for a physical store

It is important that the store have at least one staff member to manage the store, respond to customer emails (or online chat), and handle customer service issues.

Active Lightning provides assistance to build, update and maintain your online store.

Here are the project milestones for setting up an online store.

  • Planning
  • Blueprints
  • Foundation
  • Build
  • Install Signage
  • Stock the Shelves
  • Set Up the Registers
  • Set Up Delivery Service
  • Open the Doors
  • Promote the Store

“Our company tries to use technology to give our business an edge over competitors, and to provide our customers a compelling reason to buy from us. We do routine beta- and alpha-testing for our main computer system, Activant’s Eagle System, (and have for many years). We do this to be an early adopter of innovative and useful technology in our industry. Still, we had no experience developing our own software when we hired Active Lightning. ...
“We have now worked with Sally and Active Lighting for several years. The relationship, while still based on the effective and innovative use of technology in our business, has moved to a higher level now. I find that whenever we discuss how to solve a particular issue, we inevitably end up discussing each issue from a total marketing perspective, versus a straight technology solution. I don’t know if every development company works that way, but I’ve come to depend on it from A/L. They have become a virtual marketing department for our company”
Virgil Cox
President / Owner
Cox Hardware and Lumber

"ActiveTransfer is an affordable solution that does what we want efficiently, seamlessly and effectively. It works magnificently! It works so well doing its thing that we don’t know its there. …other than the fact that we see the results – results that are just what we wanted."
Paul Wenke
Valley Ace Hardware