About Us

Working with Active Lightning has these advantages

We thoughtfully work for our client’s best interests on many levels.

Active Lightning is a full-service internet marketing and website design company governed by our commitment to:

  • strong visual design
  • intelligent technical design
  • cost-containment, sustainability
  • strengthening the client's brand
  • supporting the client's success

Active Lightning is client-focused

By "client focused," we don't simply mean we have excellent customer service. We take customer care to the next level by understanding and defining big picture goals, advocating for the client’s success with creative ideas, consistent follow-through, skilled consulting, and a genuine interest in your company.

We are here to serve our clients and support their goals. One of the ways we do this is by sharing tips and the winning strategies learned from our client community, professional colleagues, and our sister company Egyptian Cotton Tshirts. Click here to see feedback from clients about their experience with Active Lightning.

Our clients report that they like that they can easily and readlily get the assistance they need for answering a question or getting help on an issue. This is facilitated by our flat organizational structure, online chat, online collaborative tools, and timely attention to emails.

Each solution is developed with attention to: visual design, technical know-how and marketing

We integrate technical know-how with visual design wisdom and marketing savvy in our recommedations and work.

Many software developers do NOT have training or understanding about issues involved in marketing and graphic design. Many graphic designers do NOT have expertise with computer technology.

At Active Lightning, Sally Seaver—who leads each project—has strengths in both graphic design and computer technology. She apprenticed with graphic designers, had over 10 years of experience in marketing communication, and had formal training in art. She also has demonstrated technical expertise, a degree-level computer programming course, and over 20 years of computer experience. Bringing together both creative and technical competencies is a core strength of Active Lightning.

Our technology strategy leads to elegant sustainable solutions

When designing a solution we look for the optimum blend of simplicity and complexity. We want solutions that are easy to use and maintain. These goals are balanced against cost. We strive to deliver optimum value for solutions that fit within the client's budget.

“We really are pleased with everything especially when little things pop up and we have a question you're still there for us even after the sale that says a lot about your company and it's commitment to it's customers.”
Kim Brenneman
E-Store Manager
Smith Farm Stores


“We were extremely pleased with the search engine optimization work that Active Lightning did for our website (HardwareSource.com). I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff. Every person at Active Lightning that I worked with seemed genuinely interested in trying to find ways to improve our website. And they did greatly improve our keyword rankings, especially on Google and especially for the most important keywords.”
Rip Fleming