Brilliance and Power

Active Lightning has a brilliant team of professionals with exceptional capabilities led by Sally Seaver. We help our clients achieve what they want to do with computer software while paying attention to marketing and graphic design.

 Creative problem-solving is our specialty.

Creativity, intelligence and problem-solving — we have it. Great solutions require the judicious use of variable and static parts, simple components built to handle complexity. Technical understanding is needed, as well as the ability to learn quickly due the rapidly changing technical landscape. What a person sees and experiences while interacting with the software matters as well.

 Project management is a core competency.

We have strengths in graphic design, marketing, software coding, project management and solution architecting to complete custom projects for our clients. The project manager understands each discipline and works with Specialists to achieve superior results.

 Active Lightning has a history of success.

We have been able to solve each challenge. Active Lightning has completed projects involving:

  • variable-data publishing [automated desktop-publishing]
  • custom software
  • ecommerce websites & selling online
  • branding
  • incubating new companies

Feel free to ask us about our recent projects in each of these areas.

 Let’s talk about what you want.

Every project starts with the discovery phase. Your company has an objective. In this phase, we translate your objectives into specific technical instructions that both allow us to estimate cost, and supply our Specialists with necessary information.

 You succeed with our powers combined.

You know what success looks like. We take your direction, then add our inventiveness and knowledge to produce the results.