About Us


“The process of design is essentially one of problem solving — determining what needs to be accomplished and crafting an appropriate and effective solution.”

— Medium Bold Studio  

We determine what needs to be accomplished.

  • We start with learning about what our client needs.
  • After the client provides an overview, we assess whether this project needs a paid discovery phase or not.
  • We draft a proposal and get formal approval for the engagement.
  • Any project with a design component requires a Kickoff Meeting where we learn about the company's values, core competencies, product/service offering, target market and the nuances that make the company what it is.
  • Any project with a technical component requires a discovery phase to develop the technical specification and project plan. We determine which Specialists will be involved along with definition of tasks and responsibilities.

We craft an appropriate and effective solution.

  • We architect our recommended design or solution.
    • The blueprint for the design of a website page (or template) is provided via a black and white wireframe document. It shows the elements of content, navigation and objects that need to be present with some general sense of organization. When the wireframe receives approval, then the Designer works on the design. Sally Seaver reviews, collaborates and contributes to the design from a marketing perspective.
    • The blueprint for a technical project (including AspDotNetStorefront customization) is a specification document that outlines the work to be completed.
  • We work on a development server to produce the desired solution.
  • We continue to communicate and collaborate with the client as an essential part of getting to the final solution.
  • We launch a beta version of the solution and ask that the client test it. [We can also develop a formal Q/A plan and hire resources to do testing in place of or along side the client testing.] This can be done on a development server or a Q/A server per the project plan.
  • The solution is opened up to be used by the target community of users on the production server.
  • We remain available to quickly address any issues that come up during this initial phase of the launch.

Our clients report that they like that they can easily and readlily get the assistance they need for answering a question or getting help on an issue. This is facilitated by our flat organizational structure, online chat, and timely attention to emails.

“I have found Active Lightning to be responsive and reliable, with creative solutions. Everyone on our project performed well; they are great problem solvers. Sally is intelligent and willing to go the extra mile to provide what we want and need. She is interested in our business and works for our success as if it were her business.
Active Lightning is a true business partner.”
Paul Wenke
Valley Ace Hardware