Content Creation

Content in support of SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO relies on: site architecture, external links, and content. Developing extra content provides value for the visitors to your site as well as helping search engines know about your commitment to your product focus.

To help HardwareSource.com gain better natural search rankings, we produced a series of articles. Nathan conceived of our focus on the history of the hinge. There was not a lot of material either on- or off-line regarding this subject. Our favorite researcher/wordsmith, Alix, demonstrated her expert capabilities in writing the articles. Sally put images with the text and produced the online pages. Then we followed up with an online press release to spread the word and cultivate traffic.

Hinge History -- Historical Development and Advances of the Hinge

History of Metal in Hinges: Bronze,
Iron and Steel

Hinge Fabrication Methods

Overview of Modern Hinges

HardwareSource Hinge Collection

We have also helped Cox Hardware and Lumber to gain traffic from natural search by developing some content pages. Cox Hardware, like Hardware Source, is prevented from realizing optimum SEO results due to their commitment to their shopping cart solution. The architecture of both of their carts is counter-productive for SEO (in case you look for respective natural search results).

Markal Markers



Work Gloves Information

Site Content -- Landing pages for paid search ads

A shopping cart presents products in a category, or products from one manufacturer, or a single product. In providing a paid search campaign for Cox Hardware and Lumber we saw the need for a special page that could address a group of products that crossed several class categories (as organized in the shopping cart database). We performed product research and conceived of an easy-to-use presentation of information striving for a balance between necessary information and speed-of-use. Here are 2 examples:

Audio content

Active Lightning has resources to produce audio files. Sometimes audio files can enhance a user experience. Or many people use podcasts as a way to communicate and educate their target market. Our specialists graduated from University of Texas, Austin with degrees in Theater (Fine Arts) as well as Radio-Theater-Film (Marketing Communications).

When audio files are called for, we can deliver.

Our recent audio file production was done as content for a Google Audio Ad.

Video content

Video content can be used for social networking or creating a fun user experience. One of our clients, A-1 Appliance Parts, has plans to use video for showing customers how to do appliance repairs. Interesting video content is one more potential way to attract traffic.

Sally, who leads each project, is certified as a TV Studio and Video Field Producer by Boston Neighborhood Network.

We have one example in this category so far; but we have the talent and resources to do so much more. This is a short ad which will be used for social networking (a type of online marketing).

Dry This?
(Click on title to see the video ad on YouTube.)
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