Customer Relationship Management and
Business Intelligence Application

Cox Hardware and Lumber

Virgil Cox at Cox Hardware + Lumber in Houston, Texas, decided that he needed a business knowledge database to handle customer relationship management and sales trend tracking. The store's primary computer system handles inventory and sales transactions; it is an Eagle System sold by Activant (formerly known as Triad) running on a UNIX server, with Windows clients. Prior to this project, Cox Hardware & Lumber kept customer relationship information in Outlook.
     Active Lightning built a new database in Microsoft Access with the Eagle data dynamically linked in, and performed a one-time migration of data from Outlook. (Outlook provides a flat database of contact information that was too limiting.) The new database uses 3 Eagle tables dynamically linked via ODBC in addition to 12 new tables. The new database provides the following:

Cox Hardware + Lumber already owned a license for Access and the ODBC driver to their Eagle database. Costs incurred involved purchasing one more license for Access (approx $300) and $4,200 for Active Lightning development services. Some reports were developed by the client.