Working Together

Stages for Creating an Online Store

  • Discovery: we have a kickoff meeting to learn more about the owner's strategic vision for the company and make sure that we understand the appropriate aspects of your market and competition. The meeting also provides a forum for learning about the features you want your store to have.

  • Wireframes: this is the blueprint for the home page and general template. It is geared towards functionality that the design needs to include.

  • Design: after the wireframes are approved, then the Graphic Design Specialist works with Sally Seaver to create our proposed design for your site

  • Implementation:
    1. Design is implemented in the AspDotNetStorefront solution
    2. Active Lightning does first upload of any existing product data
    3. Staff from your company (or you can pay for Active Lightning to deliver a resource for this at $65/hr) augments the barebones product data with great marketing titles for products that have good keywords, images work, great marketing descriptions, and product/variant relationships. This stage can take 1 - 6 months or more
    4. System Integration: if your company directs us to do a system integration, it is developed and implemented at this stage
    5. Pre-Go-Live: configure online store for real-time shipping quotes, obtain SSL certificate, set up relationship and online store for online payment gateway (such as, make sure static information topics are in place, etc
    6. Go-Live: open your online store for business

  • Promotion: promote site/online store via various marketing efforts